150 The Right Size Group

150 The Right Size Group

What is the most effective size for your Alcoholics Anonymous group? A question like this makes one wonder if we have run out of topics. In our world today we hear statements like, "That was a great meeting filling the whole room." "That group must have the best Alcoholic Anonymous message because there was over five hundred this week." Is bigger always better? What is it about growth in sizes that gives a meeting credibility or makes it more desirable, or does it? Why is expansion too often the goal? What’s the attraction is it carrying the message or is just entertaining or both? What’s wrong with finding the right size and staying there? Isn’t it the growth going on inside each of us more important than building numbers? How do we measure the value of an Alcoholics Anonymous group or meeting? I go to some groups, which have ten, or twelve shows up, some of these are study groups. Some focus on how to practice these principles in all our affairs. I found it best to grow slow and change the format anytime it gets useless. I asked myself; "Does my meeting cause me to take a look at my Program encouraging me to grow? Are we carrying our message? As a rule of thumb when something gets too poplar it will have little depth. Big speaker meetings have a special feel, but are likely a mix of a common message, tempered with entertainment. These are special once in a while and serve a useful service as an open-meeting.


1. What size groups and meeting do you prefer?

2. Are you able to enjoy larger meetings, as well as small home group type meetings?

3. Do you get more nourishment out of closed small meetings?

Random Awakening

Lately I am hearing a great deal about people that are unable to remember well. Two people this week said; the first signs of these illnesses, they fear, are the inability to remember names. Come on, some of us have never been good at remembering names.