246 The Doc Within

246 The Doc Within

"We are at the best when the doctor who resides within each patient has the chance to go to work." Albert Schweitzer – Yes, we are at our best when we are in conscious union with our Father within doing the works we call life, we are giving our consent to His will and Love to be done. I have experience so many healing miracles that I can say yes, to our Father’s Loving Healing Power. He is realigning us with His individual Divine Design. Before I can accept it consciously I must give my consent as an act of faith. There is a great deal of empirical proof that placebos work almost as well as medicine. I believe both the placebo and medicine are an expression of faith. We can have faith in our Father’s grace and call the healing a miracle or we may have faith it medicine and have a miracle by another name. In an abiding faith in our Father’s Presence we don’t have to create it. We only need to give our Father our consent. His Divine Energy is always flowing in, around and through us. Our personal "reality" can temporarily block it from our consciousness. We cannot fully translate a miracle or interpret it so we need faith. I choose to believe with all my heart, mind, strength and soul that we live, move and have our being in Him. Father help me to go beyond my disbelief. Thy Love and Will be done.

Random Awakening

I love our Alcoholics Anonymous way of life but far to often I have not concerned myself with its roots or right of passage. I hope you find the following of interest, I did. This is an edited outline from; What is the Oxford Group By The Layman with a Notebook. I enjoyed have enjoyed this and I hope you will.