294 Love - Grace - Fellowship

294 Love – Grace – Fellowship

Being put in my place is no longer a negative act. It is a place here and now that I can be the individual I am created self. Love and grace joins me with the universal fellowship within every created being. I may react to my made up world view of my finite personal "reality" by blaming You Father for my lack and limitation. I can choose to believe that You are within each of us doing the works called life in an infinite way we cannot fully understand. I can choose to use prayer, meditation and affirmations to dwell and act in this universal fellowship, I am guided into. I am offering myself for realignment, an ongoing upgrading. That’s being put in my place by our Father’s loving grace. I am to be the individual our Father chose for me. I am not free from faults, these causes me to return to Love. Let me detach from the worldly idea of perfection. I wound myself with my character defects. I choose to return to Love AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to be healed – made whole by His loving grace. Thy Love be done.

Random Awakening

Have you experienced your world view transcending your pre-Program limitations?