296 Busy comparing

296 Busy Comparing

I have been so busy comparing my mission, my life to others that I pass up a chance to be grateful for all I’m given. I am not a person with exceptional talents or powers. When I reflect on my limits I am reminded that our Father did not create many great people. He must care for common people more than the great ones because He created so many of us. I notice when I complete a little loving service I feel great. When I turn my termites away and replace them, building a little more faith in our Father's grace by knowing He is our only True Source, I feel good. Even if I didn’t concord a kingdom, or put a big deal together I’m grateful for whatever. Let us live for something, have a purpose, and that purpose keep in view. I give myself permission to live my unique life just as I am which is more than I earned. I am so grateful that I do have a purpose. Thy Love be done.

Random Awakening

O where – O where have our miracles gone? We only need to open our heart’s eyes of faith to witness a Life filled with the grace of miracles.