312 Healing - Wholeness - Divine Union

312 Healing – Wholeness - Divine Union

I am in my radical training and today. I am focused on healing one of the elements of my mission. I am dwelling on some of the aspects of healing, wholeness, the divine union within. We are part of One Life. At times I make up a separate so I can focus on understanding one part of the whole. At times I forget to return them to the whole. Lucky for me our Father does not let that illusion of separation last long. That empty feeling I felt and I believe many others have felt is the illusion of separation. Lack of a divine union with our Father within each of us; is a call for an up grading of our personal "reality". I accept my insanity knowing that I am the maker-upper of that illusion of separation. When we learn how to see with the eyes of faith, we are open to miracles of healing. I look too far for the Kingdom of Heaven. It is every present within each of us 24/7. Reflecting on this life we see that all of life is One Life, an ongoing miracle. While the mystical union is my quest I am its quest. As I seek it, it is seeking to return me to Love our Father within doing the works we call life. I choose to let the divine union, healing and wholeness flow from within me out into the world of expression. As I see it in me, I see it in you and all of life the eyes of faith in His grace. Let me remember that it is the Father within doing the works, the miracle we call life. There is one life, that life is perfect, that life is our Father's Life, my life, all life. I choose to surrender all I am, known or unknown to our Father within. I cannot delay, for I shall not pass this way again. Thy Love be done.

Random Awakening

Am I to continue to “swat at gnats and swallow camels?” Am I to continue to wasting my time and energy on useless and unimportant “stuff”?