327 Our Father's Worth and Value

327 Our Father’s Worth and Value

I woke up early this morning and could not go back to sleep. I had a stream of thoughts about our Father's worth and value and how it contrast with my worth and value. I realize my worth and value is not in contrast but a tiny part of His Wholeness. I cannot understand with this finite mind I have, accepted by faith in His Nature, expressed through each of us. Even though His worth and value is infinite, beyond human understanding, I cannot cause His worth or value to increase or decrease. I react to the way I judge His worth and value, no wonder I need to be restored to sanity, if I ever had any. I realize I cannot cause His unconditional love to be more or less, I act like I can by making it conditional. I cannot please or displease You Father, nor earn or not earn Your grace. I say that I know, believe in Your Omnipresence yet I make up illusions of Your being not Present. I say that I know, believe that You are Omnipotence and yet experience powerlessness because I act as if life is up to me to do alone and unaided. I say that I know, believe that You are the all Knowing Presence within doing the works we call life and yet act and react unwisely. I ask for whatever it takes to store the treasures You will for me, Father. Thy Love be done.

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