337 Alert to Others Needs

337 Alert To Others Needs

I choose to be more alert to others needs, which need maybe for abundance, love, service, and peace of mind or overcoming suffering or whatever. I will first center my consciousness in You Father in our first language, silence, by saying Your Sacred Name, Father. Then I will offer my gift in silence. I will wait for chance to offer that gift openly, if called for. If not called for I will report that being to the Boss, He is the Source of all gifts. In His Hands our willingness and the silent delivery is enough, more than enough. The main purpose for the gift is to demonstrate my caring for others. I believe that all of us have a need for someone to care for us. Why not me doing the honors? If I require a return on my gift I destroy its deeper meaning. I choose to give my love and compassion as a gift, silently and or openly. I am reminded that generosity, in fact any expression of love for others is an act of enlightened self-interest. Come let us love one another. Thy Love be done.

Random Awakening

I just sat there watching and listening to the ebb and flow of the tide for hours. At some point my emotional disaster broke and a peace came over me.