354 Fool's Gold or Pure Gold

354 Fool’s Gold or Pure Gold

An undemonstrated Truth is fool’s gold. It may look and feel like the real thing in my mind’s eye but isn’t. Facts too often get in the way of Reality. My personal "reality" is filled with habits, repeating a well establish habit gives me the illusions that it must be True. When I was growing up I was told the most important way of thinking was common sense, not book learning. Later I realized what my family was calling common sense was common consensus, fool’s gold. Just because many others have had the same type of experience does not make it common sense. Pure gold is the intuitive wisdom which comes only by grace, when demonstrated becomes our gift to share. I believe we have the same Father/Creator and He is Love, to demonstrate that Truth lets me love all His children. If that sounds like trying to kiss up to Him, I am. Come let us love one another by demonstrating it here and now, silently or openly. I know that I will continue to have opportunities to express the love I am, we are and that is based on Real Common Sense. I pray that I am getting better and better at demonstrating His Love, pure gold. Thy Love be done.

Random Awakening

O where – O where have our miracles gone? We only need to open our heart’s eyes of faith to witness a Life filled with the grace of miracles.