022 Transcendence

022 Transcendence

The capacity for transcendence is a proven reality by living the A.A. way of life. As the result of practicing our A.A. Program we can experience a Spiritual awakening. We can witness our way of life transcending beyond the limits we bind ourselves with. Our capacity for transcendence, a gift of grace distinguishes us from other creatures. Our A.A. way of life can cause us to be most human and most Spiritual because of the gift of grace. Yes, we have the gift capacity for transcendence, we also have the gift for Spiritual transformations. This gift can transform our defects into useful, loving assets. Sharing these assets is the action that is proof of our transcending our old way of life. Action is the magic word. Great ideas, good intentions and faith without works are useless. Ten black birds were setting on a limb one decided to fly, how many were left? Ten, one decided but did not fly. The best way to receive more of those things we want is to pass on what we already have, that will increase our capacity to receive. Come let us love one another. Thy Will, Thy Love be done.


1. Have you experienced your world view transcending your pre-Program limitations?

2. Have you experienced the grace of your Higher Power Transforming one or more of your defects into assets?

Random Awakening

I became over zealous when I caught on to Alcoholics Anonymous.