117 Time Change

117 Time Change

My experience tells me that every human drawn to another has a purpose for both, with a conscious or unconscious agenda. When that agenda is fulfilled or no longer important, change is called for. For example a newcomer comes to our A.A. Program with an agenda, often their real agenda is hidden within denial, if not upgraded he or she may depart. If they do return they are most likely have a new needier agenda. In retrospect I realize that everyone I was or am drawn to come with an agenda. After a while, sometimes years there will be a parting, sometimes an understanding departure, sometimes not. The not ones most likely find some trivial excuse like; "You hurt my feelings" or "You don’t understand me or respect me". We could simply said; "I’m not getting anything of value out of this" and move on or change our agenda, an adult thing. Most of us alcoholics are too sensitive. We have to "justify" the move, perhaps with a "You done me wrong" song. Thy Will Thy Love be done.


1. Are you aware of your agenda for your important relationships?

2. Are you able to detach from a relationship that has run its course?

3. Have you been able to upgrade an important relationships’ agenda without leaving it?

Random Awakening

When I can't make a conscious contact with my Higher Power Lou-is told Al Kohallek, I remind myself that our Higher Power is always present within us. One of Its attributes is infinite Intelligence. Lou-is shares an example of this infinite Intelligence, which is so close we often miss it or forget it.