116 Periodic Alcoholic

116 Periodic Alcoholic

Lately I am recalling my experience with two periodic alcoholic. A periodic alcoholic can drink alcohol with impunity free from self-guilt and punishment for extended intervals of time. All addictions are progressive, meaning the intervals between bends get shorter. When the obsession returns to drink they are likely to go on a bend, often disastrous. I had a dream this morning that points to the reason this periodic alcoholic comes to mind. I have other addictions or defects that are periodic, they just popup. The first few moments of their on the arrival are golden. Knowing it for what it is a quick fix I choose to own it and surrender it to our Father. I replace the thoughts and feelings with my heart’s desire, Thy Love Thy Will be done, is no lasting damage. Let’s remember our Program’s Solution is also progressive. Realizing I’ve fallen in a harmful ditch, I get out AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I starve the addiction or defect with lack of attention, by letting our Father do for me what I cannot do.


1. What are your periodic addictions or defects?

2. Are you able to own them and surrender them to your Higher Power?

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“The diamond cannot be polished without friction, nor the man perfected without trials.” Chinese Proverb