006 Be Still

006 Be Still

"Be still, and know that I am God". This is the core of Centering Prayer or Contemplation and a handy tool for Step Eleven. Letting go and detaching from our thoughts and feelings for a few minutes is a gateway to that mystical union with our Creator, our Father within. This is clearing a way for our awakening to a love deeper than words. Working our AA Program is chipping away much of what we are not, and awakening to who we are. Perhaps we can accept that we must die to our old way of life and go through the labor-pains of the birth of our higher Self. We are never given a heart’s desire without also being given the Power to make it come true, via our Father’s grace. We will have to be willing to die to the old too limited self, making room for our rebirth or awakening to our Higher Self. To resist the process causes extended labor-pains. Thy Love be done.


1. Have you made a habit of daily prayer and meditation?

2. Are you willing to let go and detach form your old habits of thoughts and feeling that no longer work?

3. Have you awakened to the love you are?

Random Awakening

At times I am sure that I am praying for my Higher Power’s will and deep down in my heart I know it is the perfect gift to ask for here and now, but no gift is forthcoming.