115 Recommitting

115 Recommitting

I am recommitting daily, throughout this day to practice my heart’s desire; to seek and find our Father’s Love and Will and do it. We’re created in His loving image and likeness. This being the Reality of life then I, we should be able to be our True self, extending the love we are. I am willing to detach from all that is not love, is not His Will. I am willing to contribute all I can of my limited self to carry out His Love, His Will, by giving of myself. I am willing to quickly forgive myself and all others when I fail to practice my heart’s desire. A.A. is the place I know that we can give of ourselves 24/7 if we are willing, I am willing. Love is a healing power touching everything into wholeness because all love is an extension of our Father’s Love, individualized. I believe it is OK to have great loving expectations as long as I am looking to our Father as our True Source, not my little limited self. Now is the only time we really have, why waste it on not love, in other word why not spend now on being our loving selves? Thy Love, Thy Will Be Done.


1. How often do you recommit yourself to the important areas?

2. Is it OK for you to have great expectations?

Random Awakening

I woke up early this morning and could not go back to sleep. I had a stream of thoughts about our Father's worth and value and how it contrast with my worth and value.