003 The First Day

003 The First Day

Today is the first day of the New Year and the first day of the rest of my life. I want my life to make a good difference. To do this I must count on the mercy and grace of our Father within as my only True Source. He is my all-inclusive solution. A.A. has thought me that He will do for me what I cannot do for myself. (Alcoholics Anonymous page 45). You could say that He is my Soulution, for me to expand my understanding of the all-inclusive idea I made up a few words. Spiritualution; is to turn to our Father at each beginning, any shift in my focus point. Mentalution; is to draw on the infinite intelligence within me that transforms the food I eat into flesh, bones, energy, thoughts and feelings, in other words life. Physicalution, is the vehicle that takes me about our Father’s business. I need to keep it serviced; take it in for regular checkups and use the correct fuel. Emotionalution; I need to focus on the positive and eliminate the negative, teaching only love. Socialution; when all else fails find another alcoholic to share the love I am given. I choose to carry the message of our awakening love I am freely given. Practicing our Program in all my affairs is the all-inclusive soulution I seek and find. I am nourished by New Year’s food plan; Thy Love, Thy Will Be Done. Come let us be about His Soulution. TYFCJHS


1. Do you have an all-inclusive solution? If so what is it?

2. Are you practicing the A.A. Program in all my affairs?

3. Is that your all-inclusive soulution?

Random Awakening

As long as I was trying to be someone or something other than myself I had no solution for the problem. As my dad's partner once said "you know that Jim is no prize."