004 Where Does Fear Go

004 Where Does Fear Go?

Where does the darkness go in the presence of light? Where does fear go in the presence of Love? Neither darkness nor fear has a place of their own. In the early years of my Program experience, I wasted my time and energy resisting change. At some point I realized change is the one constant that is ever present. There are no neutral thoughts or feelings each one is changing our personal "reality’s" world view, and that is what we react to. We were given the free will to choose what we think. Our thinking makeup or co-create our beliefs, our feeling flow from those beliefs. Change our beliefs and we change our life experience. When we don’t resist change, we flow with the process of creation. We are aligning our beliefs with our Father’s creation or the illusion we made up. Friendship comes about when two or more have a common cause. In effect we choose our friends when we choose our personal "reality’s" beliefs that we made up or went along with. I choose our Divine Food Plan; Spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and socially, Thy Love, Thy Will be done to nourish me. If we are we have in common all those who are in alignment with our Father’s purpose. Our personal "reality’s" understanding cannot eliminate change. Acceptance of our Higher Power’s purpose will enable us to align with the One Thing that never changes our Creator, it is our understanding that changes.


1. Are you able to embrace change without resisting?

2. Are you able to love fear out of it power?

3. Is the light within you darkening with fear?

Random Awakening

I have a habit of saying Father at each beginning to remind myself Who’s the Boss, and to center my consciousness in Him. I don’t always remember to do it or at times His Name is only a word.