015 Inspiration

015 Inspiration

I ask for inspiration this morning as I often do as soon as I am conscious of being consciously awake. The mood I am in filters the messages I receive. To align myself with what I want, I align my consciousness with what I believe the Father within me choses for me, what I believe is His will is for me here and now. I read a little from a number of books looking for something that triggers an inspirational idea to meditate on. This morning that is listening to my messengers, which comes from difference levels. I recall the railroad crossing sign; Stop, Look, Listen, which reminds me to stop the useless or harmful chatter. To look for the proof of the Father’s good works and listen for His guidance. I know when it is an intuitive message, listening to this wisdom there is no need to question its Source. We can tap into and learn from intuitive wisdom. A psychic message is not consistently reliable coming from my personal "reality" as its source. Sharing the Program with others when I am in alignment with our Father’s will I find myself saying things I never heard or said before. I may use the same words as before but they have a far deeper meaning. I am so grateful when my sharing makes a good difference. I am encouraged to listen knowing all will lead me to One Source. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.


1. Do you spend time each morning to co-create your day?

2. How does you mood effect your morning prep work?

3. Do you ask for inspiration each morning?

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Al Kohallek's sponsor, Lou-is Pazeniton has tried to get Al to relax to no avail