023 Mission Element - Awakening

 023 Mission Element - Awakening

I believe that Alcoholics Anonymous is a Spiritual way of life. As the result of working the Steps and daily living them we are Spiritually Awakened. We are given a purpose, a mission in life allowing us to make a good difference, daily if we choose. I believe any major Spiritual way of life has ten elements. Perhaps given to us in a different order but all ten elements will come if the doors of our consciousness are open and clear of clutter. Often come at a significant price; the detaching from our personal "reality’s" illusions of separation. Our A.A. Program is great at chipping away all that is not our mission. When I experienced a Spiritual Awakening, one of the ten elements of my mission, I realize I always had a silent invisible Omnipresent Power within doing the works we call life. I realize suddenly what used to seem important isn’t. The people and events that used to upset me don’t anymore. What becomes significant is being the individual I am not what others judge me to be. Practicing these principles in all my affairs is not only significant but joyfully fulfilling. I awakened at a place I had always been in union with our Father within. Sharing my mission elements is a gift, not a burden, sharing those things I want instead of the meaningless stuff I don’t want. I love this way of life. Come let us be about our Father’s Business. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.


1. What is your mission? If yes, how do you express it?

2. Have you experienced a Spiritual Awakening? If yes, sum up what that experience has meant to you.

Random Awakening

I was dreaming I was standing at the door of the wall-less prison I had “made up” with my person “reality” my dream world, another one of my illusions of separation.