060 Watch for Termites

 060 Watch Out For Termites

These little guys can undermine the foundation of any relationship.

WATCH OUT FOR TERMITES - Watch out for the termites, the little day-in day-out stuff. This is a real present danger. These little guys can undermine the foundation of every relationship. Termites destroy more property than all the fires, floods, wind, and hail, and so it is with relationships. Because of the possible high cost the "big" problems force us to address then or run away. With the "little" stuff we don’t have to do anything or they are not important enough to matter. One way or another, we often stuff these little guys. One termite doesn’t matter, but when they build up in large numbers, watch out. It is best to deal with all problems AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


1. When was the last time you let your termites cost you a good relationship?

2. Would you be willing to turn to Step Ten in the Workbook in this website for some useful tools?

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