417 Day 17 of a 40-Day Practice

 417 Day 17 of a 40-Day Practice

This is Day Seventeen of Lou-is' 40-Day feasting on his individual heart's desire, which is something he wants to attain and to fast from everything, which is unlike it. This project is to build the Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and social equivalent or container to enable him to change and keep that change, by practice. I am dedicating one of my daily practices for each of the major characteristics of my mission. TODAY: PHYSICAL EQUIVALENT


MY MISSION STATEMENT - I am devoted, dedicated, committed to experiencing Your Presence, Father consciously, consistently within me and everywhere present. I want to know, to realize, to live for Your Will for me, empowered by Your loving grace. My mission in now clear, I need, I want to share all I am given with whomever You Will, Father. I look to You as my only Source to provide me with everyone and everything it takes to carry out the Mission You gave me. Thank You.


My physical body and world were a mess when I got to A.A., just something I had to endure. I did not view anything physical as Spiritual. I had no idea that our physical body, world was part of our Higher Power’s creation that He forever preserves. The only time I paid attention to the physical was when it demanded it, that's what our animal nature is for, right. I believed that only a con man used terms like "our Spiritual Nature". Sure we were all different from on another but that did not make us Spiritual. I couldn’t understand the idea of a Spirit, mind, body, and emotional connection.

After I sobered up I could see that some invisible means had not only created me but was still preserving me. I had no reason to be still alive, in this body, in this world. I now understand that each creation is an individualized expression of our Creator. Individual comes from a root-word, which means undivided, that is we are individual parts of an undivided Whole. This meant to me that each us have a purpose, meaning for being. I realize that this physical body was dying but would sill make a difference. I let go of the idea that each us were separate, or that we have a license to treat others anyway we want without consequences or pay back.

A turning point for me physically was the day I accepted that our Father created all of us. He continues to preserve us moment-by-moment until the fulfillment of our purpose. I remind myself that the food I ate today is transformed into flesh, bones, energy, thought, blood, etc. Even if I had all the money, computers and brains working for me, I could not produce what is going on within me. As long as I am alive this Infinite Intelligence within me is doing the works me all, for me. This Source supplies me with all I need to know and to do His will. The physical body/world/universe are vehicles for His purpose and we are part of His will, His purpose.


Have you come to realize and respect your physical body/world/universe as a Spiritual Vehicle?

Do you believe that our Father, Creator within each one doing the works?

Random Awakening

Can anyone experience Spiritual Discernment or do you have to be special?