066 Bankrupted Idealist

066 Bankrupted Idealist?

Bill Wilson once wrote that we were bankrupted idealist, perhaps we aren’t really bankrupt. For many of us our dream of a joyous, happy, fulfilling life of purpose is awakened to. Some have called Alcoholics Anonymous "early Christianity. In our textbook, The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions on Tradition Six Bill was poking fun at our idealistic dreams. "Alcoholics Anonymous might prove to be the spearhead of a new spiritual advance! We might transform the world." For millions around the world this became true. For one alcoholic using our Program, seven are using it for other living problems. For many of us active in our Program, we are practicing the most important Christian Principle: To love our Higher Power first and love others as if they are ourselves. See page 45 of our Big Book. "Well, that’s exactly what this book is about. Its main object is to enable you to find a Power greater than yourself which will solve your problem." How could we not love this Higher Power when we find It? We have to share our Program with those who still suffer. Sharing is a form of love, so we are loving one another and ourselves. Only the grace of a Higher Power could transform this selfish, self-center being, such as I was into a purposeful giver. Out of enlightened self-interest I am a beloved lover loving. Sharing our Program with others is often unconditional. Helping another we are helping ourselves, not purely unconditional but it is close. The spiritual blind, see. The spiritually deaf hear the Holy Voice of wisdom through recovering members. The lame paralyzed with fear walk out into freedom. Twelve Step work and sponsoring cause us to be lovers. Come let us love one another. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.


1. How do you feel that A.A. has impacted the world?

2. Do you believe A.A. is a Spiritual spearhead?

Random Awakening

I believe practicing; Spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and social the Presence of my Higher Power, I choose to call our Father, is the most important action I can take. Then why don’t I do it 24/7?