071 Running Late

071 Running Late

What happens when I tell myself I am really running late? I spill something I had to take the time to clean it up. I could not get my computer to startup for a while. My computer claimed it did not know I was running late. I wanted to write about the advantage of being an optimist over the pessimist. How wonderful it is having a constructive attitude, that’s a bit of a problem right now. I was going to write about what is the most important time, of course it is now, the only time we can do anything. So what about this now, being late as I am? I was going the included the question what is the most important thing to be doing, now? Of course it is always doing what I am doing now, but what about being late, now? Also where is the most important place to be? Yes you got it, it is always where I am, but I am already late for something somewhere else. I am working on looking to our Father as my only True Source. I hope I am not too late. Thy Love, Thy Will be done. Sorry I don’t have time to proof read it, forgive me now.


1. The effectiveness of our action depends on the source/Source; what do you depend on?

2. Wisdom is a balance between love, intelligence and timing; do you still act wisely when you are running late?

Random Awakening

Al Kohallek asked his sponsor if he heard about the nine ever-day elements of love. Lou-is replied, when I came into the Program so many members of our group were reading a book written a longtime ago. The title was The Greatest Thing in the World, by Henry Drummond (1851 – 1897). He listed what many believed to be the greatest thing or good. In his judgment like Paul’s in 1 Corinthians 13 was love. I will share a little of my experience for each one of these elements of love for I believe our Program is a way of life and that life is love.