073 What if I Can't?

073 What If I Can’t?

Dogs are able to demonstrate unconditional love for their master, without bribing, we just need to show up. I have not had a dog in a long time. What am I to do when I don’t experience unconditional love but want it and need it? I guess I will have to turn to our Father. I believe it is true that enough love will heal any problem. What if I cannot generate enough love? I guess I will have to turn to our Father? What if I am experiencing lack and limitation and I have proven that I am an incompetent producer? I guess I will have to look to our Father as my Source. I know that it is enlightened self-interest for me to forgive all, even myself, but I cannot do it, what am I to do? I guess I will have to ask our Father to do it through me. I really want to write an inspired affirmation each day, but like today I do not feel inspired, what can I do? I guess I will have to leave it up to our Father to excuse me on these days. My prayers and meditations are no more than chatter, at times. I guess I could turn to Centering Prayer where it is suggested that we don’t dwell on our chatter. I only need to say our Father and watch the chatter go by. In Centering Prayer we let our Father do the work opening us up to contemplation, the highest form of meditation. I guess I will have to trust Him to do for me what I cannot. I was sharing the Program with a member and that person said everything in their life was going wrong. I suggested that they surrender EVERY-THING over to our Father, letting Him do for them what they could not. I guess I should take my own suggestion, OK. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.


1. When you have no other outside source to turn to what do you do?

2. In the 11th hour who do you turn to?

3. In the 13th hour who do you turn to when you believe the result time has already pasted?

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