075 What is Hidden?

075 What is Hidden?

Father, I can accept You hid the giant oak tree inside an acorn. Why is it so difficult for me to accept You hid Your Presence and our Higher Selves within each of us? Any creation of Yours must be in Your image and likeness, You are Love, and we cannot not be love. If that is true then why don’t we act like it 24/7? Our silent, invisible Creator is infinite Spirit and Spirit is Consciousness. We are spirit, self-conscious beings in His image and likeness on a finite level; we cannot not be Spirt, hidden within. In this human condition we deal with two principles. One of these principles is the law of cause and effect, which is valuable, useful; it took us to the moon. It has enriched our lives and destroyed our lives, our choice. The Spiritual Principle can transform our defects into assets. Unlike the principle of cause and effect we do not have to earn it or payback all our wrongs. By grace our Alcoholics Anonymous’ way of life has transformed a great many defects into loving, useful assets. Prayer and meditation will show us the hidden connection between our head and our heart, if we choose. It is written that we are to worship our Father in Spirit/Consciously and Truth/Reality. Let us take time to be still and listen to the voice of Creation within, connecting with Him. Let us go within and listen to our hidden Spirit speaking to us of His Love, His Will to be done.


1. Do you feel someone close to you is hiding something from you?

2. Does your prayers and meditations reveal a hidden connection between you and your Higher Power?

Random Awakening

I woke up early this morning and could not go back to sleep. I had a stream of thoughts about our Father's worth and value and how it contrast with my worth and value.