080 Show me the Road

080 Show me the Road

My mission purpose effectiveness depends on You, Father as my only True Source. "Let dawn bring news of Your faithful love, for I place my trust in You; show me the road I must travel for You to relieve my heart."(Psalm 143:8) Inspire me to do Your bidding; bring love into this world. Father, whatever You choose to reveal through me, let me be a clear channel. My service does not have to be spectacular; it is the love I put into each act of service. There are no illusions of separation when I act out of love. My mission becomes my way to bring our Father’s Love to the world. We are our Father with skin on. We are the channels through which the love current flows let it be clear of clutter. If we are not connected to our Source, we cannot make our True journey. Negativity poisons us, but love heals us, restores us to whole once again. I realize now why I have been unable to forgive myself. I have projected the blame for wrongs on to others. By blaming others I make it impossible to forgive myself or to accept our Father’s forgiveness, waiting for others to change. I have forgiven others for what they did not do, causing my forgiveness to be in vain, even if it was an act of love. I say to all; "Come let me love you, receive the tenderness of my loving approval, I was wrong to blame you." My mission is to bring Your Love into the world. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.


1. What is your mission path?

2. How do you extend the love you are?

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