085 Oops!

085 Oops!

I sponsored someone for more than thirty-five years. I did something that hurt their feelings I am told. They just dropped out of sight for a month or so. When one of our group members contacted them, they were told that their feelings were hurt. I judged that wayward person as childish, ungrateful and vindictive. Oops! I realized I was resenting their actions. I was ungrateful for all those years I had someone to share our Program with. A common experience; the sponsor often gets more out of sharing than the one they are sharing with, calling for more gratitude. I had to use the "F" on both of us; forgive, forgive, forgive. The other person does not have to accept my forgiveness or amends for it to work, but I have to accept it. I would not have the joy and fulfillment if I only sponsor those who agree with me or think I am special. That’s like saying I will only breathe when I feel like it or I will just go to my A.A. meetings when I feel like it. There are two times to go to my A.A. meetings and to sponsor; when I feel like it and when I don’t. A common misunderstanding about sponsorship as well as pray and meditate is that we have to feeling of "rightness" of it or it isn’t effective. By sharing our A.A. Program I experienced my powerlessness transformed into an inner strength. A freedom from my weakness, stability of character, the ability to withstand temptation, is my experience. Of course all that I have of any importance has come by grace. My works is conformation of my faith in His grace. "Search out another alcoholic and try again. You are sure to find someone desperate enough to accept with eagerness what you offer." (Alcoholics Anonymous page 96) Come let us love one another. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.


1. Have you experienced sponsoring someone and it did not work? How did you treat it?

2. Do you find yourself using the "F" word, forgive a lot?

Random Awakening

Did you ever wonder where darkness goes when you turn on a light? Have you ever wonder where illusions go when you’re enlightened?