086 Another Rebound

 086 Another Rebound

Here I am recovering from a rebound. Anytime I have a good or great expanding experience, I will soon have a rebound. When I have an expanding experience my mind tells me; this good experience will always be. The obsession to do some harm to me, when the good experience is complete, appears out of nowhere. It is the lower part of my personal "reality" calling me "home". I am generous by my reminding others of the upcoming rebound, but I need someone to remind me. The rebound started last night while watching a movie that exposed one of my worse defects. I thought I had turned it off before I went to bed, but I had not. I woke up early with ill-intent on my obsessing mind. After a little harm to myself, I did a Radical Forgiveness and a Radical self-forgiveness exercise. During those exercises I felt our Father loving mercy and the reality that these "harmful", events come into my life for a purpose. I’ve needed healing in these areas revealed, violence to myself, harming myself for many years. My denial has broken down. Even though these defects are not excessive as they once were, it is time to let our Father heal, transform them into assets. My higher self knows I am better than I am demonstrating. I know I am more loving than I am expressing. In order for us to attract more of the blessings that our Father has to offer, we must appreciate what we already have. No matter the appearance I am grateful for all the gifts, grace and mercy I have already received. It is time I get out of the ditch, dust myself off and return to Love/love. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.


1. What was your latest rebound experience, and how did you handle it?

2. Are you demonstrating your best?

3. Are you able to give and receive the love you need?

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