087 Massive Recall

087 Massive Recall

Auto-makers have massive safety recalls, to correct a defect. By our Father’s loving grace He has ongoing massive recalls, to correct our defects. I have learned to cooperate with His recall and His replacement program. I can use our Alcoholics Anonymous’ Steps, accepting that I do have defective parts. When I am wrong I can promptly admit it. I can deal with the exact nature of my wrongs by answering our Makers loving Recall. Fear and love can cause me to lie. I still have some fear that if I told you all about me I would not be loved or respected, so I lie. The nature of my wrong is fear and not trusting our Father as our True Source. At times it is a loving thing to do to lie to another person about something they cannot change. Here are some of our replacements parts are: love for hate, peace for conflict, forgiveness for bondage, abundance for lack, service for selfishness, empowerment for powerlessness, enlightenment out of darkness, communication for withdrawing and on and on. By sharing the loving gifts given to us by grace we are part of our Maker’s recall and replacement program. We can share our love silently or openly at times, we don’t part as strangers. Come let us love one another even as our Father loves us. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.


1. What use your last recall, and how did you handle it?

2. What are some of your Divine Replacement Parts?

Random Awakening

Where do all these percentages of alcoholics recovering come from?