088 Upgrading Shame to Guilt to Gratitude

088 Upgrading Shame to Guilt to Gratitude

We are not bound by yesterday’s experience, unless we believe we are. I am so grateful for the past gifts of grace, but I don’t want to box myself in as if our Father has run out of His Gifts. Nor do I want to be bound by the wrongs I did as if that was me. Shame is a negative belief of whom I am. Guilt is for what I did wrong or a right I didn’t do. Gratitude is when I experience love and forgiveness, and I am no longer bound. I am experiencing the upgrading for my long-term shame into guilt. When I am no longer causing my guilt and I’ve surrendered it to our Father my guilt is upgraded to gratitude. It may be too late to fix my wrongdoing, but never be too late to forgive. Once I had the innocence to believe our Father’s loving Will was always done, but then I did a really bad thing. I accepted the path of shame once again; unknowingly I was a failure again overnight. The shame I thought was long-gone was back in full force. I hit a new sober low. I bought into the idea that I would have to wait for a low before I would seek our Father’s loving mercy, grace. That idea was so embedded within me that it became a habit. At some point I began seeking our Father’s Presence here and now, but the old habits of thoughts and feelings limited my seeking. This month I have experienced some breaking down of my denial, having to face old dragons. When I turn to our Father I realize these defects caused me to seek and find our Father’s Presence. I could see these defects as warning signal that I was not trusting our Father as my only Source often enough, although I thought I was. Now is the time to turn first to Him and it is always now, when high, low or otherwise. I choose not to wait but let my love and gratitude flow freely 24/7. I did not create myself nor do I live myself alone and unaided. It is You, Father within me, within all doing the works called life. Father here I am, use me up. Now let us love one another even as He Presently Loves us. Thy Love, Thy Will is now being done.


1. Are you still bound to yesterday’s experience, good or bad?

2. Do still have any unupgraded shame, guilt or gratitude?

Random Awakening

What I thought called for the need for your forgiveness is changing.