091 Labor Pains

091 Labor Pains

Be careful what you ask for, for you will surely get what is not it. However that experience of what is not will give us an incentive to work for what is. With my A.A. birthday around the corner, I start out with a deep sense of love and gratitude. Here comes the old perfectionism the closer it gets, and I ponder why I am not farther along my Spiritual Path. The next thing I know I am not being as forgiving, kind, loving or understanding of myself as I would be with a stranger. Within the last thirty days I have experienced resentments I was in denial about. I have also experienced two negative patterns I thought were healed. "What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly." (Richard Bach) When I am confronted by a growth challenge my thoughts often turns to the caterpillar and the butterfly. The butterfly undergoes a tremendous struggle to emerge from the cocoon; in order to survive. If we avoid the struggle, we may be doing ourselves more harm than good. We may never give birth to our true self if we avoid the labor pains. What butterflies are waiting to be born? I am so grateful for my defects that have been transformed by our Father into assets. Why not these? I able to own these defects and I choose to surrendering them to our Father for His upgrading grace. Now is the time to carry out my part because if I pass up this opportunity. If I don’t my experience tells me these defects will continue to return and the stakes are higher and more painful. Come let us be about our Father’s Business. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.


1. What has been your experience when an important good date is just around the corner?

2. When you are faced with an important growth challenge how do you react?

Random Awakening

This is Day Thirty-two of Lou-is' 40-Day feasting on his individual heart's desire, which is something he wants to attain and to fast from everything, which is unlike it. This project is to build the Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and social equivalent or container to enable him to change and keep that change, by practice. I am dedicating one of my daily practices for each of the major characteristics of my mission. TODAY: ANCIENTS COULD HAVE