092 Birthday Inventory

092 Birthday Inventory

Coming upon my A.A. birthday I have given my past too much attention, wasting time and energy I could use on what I tell myself I really want. I want my life to make a good difference. I want to love and worship our Father by loving all of His creators. I don’t want to deny or discount my wrong doings but I can honestly say I wasted more time and energy on the drug guilt and punishment for my wrongs and the wrongs of others than the wrongs. The older I get the more aware of the need to conserve my energy is. I need to let go of all wrongdoing my own or others as quickly as I can. I need to extend love, mercy and forgiveness to all, including me. Negative dwelling on wrongs build walls that block my love for our Father, others and myself. I am committed to my retirement from wall building. I am committed, devoted and dedicated to conserving my time and energy to be the loving son and loving brother to all I can be. Let the light of my spirit of love overshadow all negative shadows. When I say to all; come let me love you, heal you, teach you and forgive you that I mean it with all of my heart, mind and soul. Come let us love one another. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.


1. Do you waste more time and energy on guilt and punishment for a wrong done than the time doing the wrong?

2. Do you experience extremes highs and lows around important anniversaries?

Random Awakening

I have a new project on my mind and I cannot think of anything else. “Behind every problem or difficulty lies the Truth of Being.” Fox