095 The Greatest Gift

095 The Greatest Gift

Our Father, I ask You; for the greatest gift of all, that I may be in conscious union with Your Will, Your Love, Your Life as You created me. May I fulfill Your intended purpose for me 24/7. I am willing to forgive myself for all I have done; the too limited good and the bad. I am forgiving everyone for their perceived wrongs, coming out of my judgments. I have limited myself expression because of my unforgiven wrongs, some really gross. I believe that everything has a purpose even if I meant it for wrong but our Father meant it for good. Those gross wrongs keep me in my place of humility, not humiliation or shame. I know I want mercy for all I have done or wanted to do but didn’t. I know I must give away what I want, so I am merciful of others. I accept the reality that I will never be better than any other created being. Our individual purpose may differ widely but that does not determine our worth, only our Father gives us equal value. Holding myself bound I realize is another form of selfish and self-centeredness. Out of enlightened self-interest I forgive us all. The choice is mine the way I use my wrongs and limited good. Guilt and shame can act as a dam that blocks the flow of my mission. I ask for the courage to break down the barriers and move on. I honor our Father’s Presence within each of His Creators, which includes me. "Don’t call me good, it is the Father within doing the good works." No longer is it easier to blame others or my past, now it is easier for me to co-create the future I desire. Come let us be about our Father’s Business, loving one another as He loves us. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.


1. Are you willing to forgive yourself for the wrongs you did?

2. Are you willing to forgive yourself for not doing the things you knew was right?

Random Awakening

The three essentials working our Alcoholics Anonymous Program are honesty, willingness, and open-mindedness. The three more essentials I believe are the first Three Traditions.