096 Elightened Self-Interest

096 Enlightened Self-Interest

I feel so not right about thinking about loving myself. It is clear the nature of our disease, alcoholism is rooted in selfish, self-centeredness. When I got to the doors of Alcoholics Anonymous I had burned every relationship out. Self-centered meant survive. By living A.A.’s way of life my self-centeredness has been transformed into enlightened self-interest. I want to be sober, giving of myself, making a good difference. I want to be warm and loving, kind and understanding, wise and intelligent because it is most fulfilling. Friendship is based on what we have in common with others. For me to be my friend I choose to have my personal "reality" enlisted in our Father’s service and in union with my higher-self. Being active in A.A., I am not living a boring life, just the contrary. Before I can be a good friend to others I have to build a friendship with myself. I need to be the kind of friend to myself who can encourage myself during good and bad times. As a friend I need to put up with my craziness and inadequacies and success, and still accept me as is. I need to stop tearing myself to pieces when others don’t like what I do or don’t do. Even if what I did was wrong, dangerous, or stupid, as my friend I want it corrected as soon as possible out of enlightened self-interest. I am the only one who can really know my uniqueness, my given purpose. Being my friend I can understand the commandment to; "love your neighbor as you love yourself." I don’t want it said; "poor neighbor. I pray I am the me that our Father created as me. Come let us love one another even as we love ourselves. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.


1. How do you feel about loving yourself?

2. How do you feel when you tell others that you love yourself?

Random Awakening

"Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you." (An Old Proverb) Let us face our Father's Divine Light and our darkness will fall behind us.