SEX AND LOVE ADDICTIONSAl Kohallek Does Some Inventorying “Now about sex. Many of us need an overhauling there. But above all, we tried to be sensible on this question. It’s so easy to get way off the track. Here we find human opinions running to extremes-absurd extreme, perhaps. We all have sex problems we’d hardly be human if we didn’t.” What can we do about them? (Alcoholics Anonymous reprinted with permission)Well that’s one to the questions the following inventory will address. However, a more important question is what are we willing or able to do about all of our relationships? We have found if we changed our point of reference from sex or love to another type of relationship, we would find this inventory very useful. In fact we once use it as a business inventory and it gave us a great new insight into our business practice.A WORD TO THE WISE,NEVER LEAVE YOUR STEP WORK WHERE OTHERS MAY READ IT.

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