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A: What Was The Oxford Group
F: Hospital Rules (October 1941)
B: Evolution of the Twelve Steps of A.A. G: The Statement of 1948
C: "Mr. X and Alcoholics Anonymous" H: Program for the First International (1950)
D: A.A. Sponsorship Pamphlet Written By Clarence (1944) I: 12th Anniversary Pamphlet - Cleveland, Ohio 1947

E: The Steps Of A.A. - An Interpretation Written by Clarence (1972) J: Clarence's Story in the Big Book from the First Edition - "Home Brewmeister"

Archive Notes


SN 1940/006 Radio Address signed by CHS 1940, Box 1638 Station "C" Cleveland, Oh.

What is alcoholism? What is an alcoholic? What is being accomplished?

We have nothing to sell, our fellowship has no dues, officers or paid directors. Our interest in fellow alcoholics is purely from a humanitarian standpoint, with no mercenary motives whatsoever. Many people have hobbies of collecting stamps, coins and various objects of interest to them. Our hobby happens to be the rehabilitation of hopeless alcoholics.

SN 1940/007 Radio Address by CHS "Used at civic and church group meetings."

Here is an outline of our program --

The prospective member is introduced to our fellowship. His qualifications are considered and if he qualifies, his sponsor then gains his confidence by relating experiences of his own drinking days as evidence that he has been there as well so to speak and is qualified as an expert in alcoholism through his own particular experience. The sponsor is a member of a group, who takes the responsibility of teaching and guiding the new member. His duties are many and varied and very important. It is he to whom the new member looks first for all his immediate needs.

Letter re: black member request SN 1940/023

Mr. And Mrs. Chas. H. Snyder

1571 Winchester Rd.

Lyndhurst, Oh


Dear Friends,

Dr. Lupton informed me how very active you are in "Alcoholics Anonymous," and you were so kind as to put a very appropriate worker in touch with one of my friends who was in need of acquaintance with "Alcoholics Anonymous" almost a year ago. So again I come to you.

In this case it is at the request of a sweet voiced woman, whose husband is my own husband's legal client. I believe Mr. King is a mail carrier. Mrs. King has told me he is a negro and also spanish descent, with above the average in desirable boyhood environment. They have been a long time married, have no children, and it would seem that both husband and wife would never cease to be grateful if "Alcoholics Anonymous" could meet their need. It is probable Mrs. King, as in most cases, would rather her husband did not know that she is the one who has tried to instigate the work to be done. I do hope also that you have one or more high type colored workers. The Kings are listed in the phone book LO 1507, address 3346 East 134th Street. Thank you for anything at all that you can do for them.

Very sincerely yours,

Signed- Romaine (Mrs. H.F.) Hamilton

(Member of Dr. Lupton's Church)

Stationery: H. Franklin Hamilton, 817 Public Square Building, Licensed Real Estate Broker

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