Daily Reflections

November 9


But first of all we shall want sunlight; nothing much can grow in the dark. Meditation is our step out into the sun.


       Sometimes I think I don't have time for prayer and meditation, forgetting that I always found the time to drink. It is possible to make time for anything I want to do if I want it badly enough. When I start the routine of prayer and mediation, it's a good idea to plan to devote a small amount of time to it. I read a page form our Fellowship's books in the morning, and say "Thank you, God," when I go to bed at night. As prayer becomes a habit, I will increase the time spent on it, without even noticing the foray it makes into my busy day. If I have trouble praying, I just repeat the Lord's Prayer because it really covers everything. Then I think of what I can be grateful for and say a word of thanks. 
     I don't need to shut myself in a closet to pray. It can be done even In a room full of people. I just remove myself mentally for an instant. As the practice of prayer continues, I will find I don't need words for God can, and does hear my thoughts through silence.


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