Significant January Dates in A.A. History
Jan 1929 - Bill W. wrote third promise in Bible to quit drinking. (PIO 81)
Jan 1939 - 400 copies of manuscript of Big Book circulated for comment,
            evaluation and sale. (AACOA 165-166, LR 11, 197, NG 74, 319, PIO 200)
Jan 1943 - Cleveland's Central Bulletin article:
"Bulletin As A Gift".
                   (D.S., Indianapolis Founder)
Jan 1944 - Dr. Harry Tiebout's first paper on the subject of "Alcoholics Anonymous" (HT 130)

The 6th printing of the First Edition of the Big Book. The book’s physical dimensions were reduced
to a more conventional size. However, it continued to be called the “Big Book.
” (www)

Jan 1946 - Readers Digest does a story on AA. (www)
Jan 1946 - A.A. Grapevine increased the cost of a year's subscription to $2.50. (GV)
Jan 1948 - A.A. Grapevine reports on
The Alconon Group of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. (GV)
Jan 1949 -
The 12 Steps to a Slip, by R. H., Dunkirk, Indiana. (GV)
Jan 1951 - AA Grapevine publishes memorial issue for Dr Bob. (GV)
Jan 1958 - Bill writes article for Grapevine on
"Emotional Sobriety".
Jan 1, 1943 - Columbus Dispatch reports 1st Anniversary of Columbus, Ohio Central Group.
Jan 2, 1889 - Sister Ignatia, born in Ballyhane Ireland. (SI 44, 306, LOH 372)
Jan 2, 1896 - Harry Morgan Tiebout was born in Brooklyn, NY (HT vii)
Jan 3, 1947 –
Informational Meeting, at YWCA, Muncie, Indiana (local archives)
Jan 4, 1940 - 1st AA group formed in Detroit, Michigan. (GSO-AC)
Jan 6, 2000 - Stephen P., compiler of the Concordance to Alcoholics Anonymous, died.
Jan 10, 1940 - 1st AA meeting not in a home meets at King School, Akron, Ohio. (SI 35-36,
                  DBGO 219, NW 94)
Jan 13, 1989 - Dr Jack Norris Chairman/Trustee of AA for 27 years dies. (1989 GSC-FR 40)
Jan 13, 2003 - Dr Earle M sober for 49 years, author of "Physician Heal Thyself" died.
Jan 15, 1937 - Fitz M brings AA meetings to Washington DC. (GSO-AC)
Jan 19, 1943 - 1st discussion for starting AA group in Toronto. (GSO-AC)
Jan 19, 1999 - Frank M., AA Archivist since 1983, died peacefully in his sleep. (www)
Jan 20, 1947 – Muncie Evening Press, “In The Press Of Things”,
The Other Visitor, article on local AA controversy.
Jan 20, 1947 -
Palladium-Item, A.A., advertisement. Richmond, IN.     
Jan 21, 1954 -
Hank P who helped Bill start NY office dies in Pennington, New Jersey.
Jan 24, 1918 - Spurred by rumor that Bill W might soon go overseas, he and Lois were
                  married in Brooklyn, NY. The wedding date was originally Feb. 1,
                  Lois’s brother Roger B., was best man. (BW-RT 100, PIO 58, 407, RAA 146,
                  BW-FH 27, WPR 57)
Jan. 24, 1971 -
Bill W dies at Miami Beach, FL. (AACOA xi, BW-FH 4-5, PIO 402-403)
Jan  25, 1915 - Dr. Bob marries Anne Ripley after a 17 year courtship. (CH 2, DBGO 29)
Jan  26, 1971 - New York Times publishes Bill's obituary on page 1. (www)
Jan  27, 1953 –
Dohr S., one of the Founder’s of AA in Indianapolis, IN., dies. (GSO-AC)
                       Indianapolis Star Editorial Page
Doherty S.
Jan  28, 1947 – First Sunday Breakfast Meeting, at Blue Note is Richmond, IN.
Jan  30, 1961 -  Dr Carl Jung answers Bill's letter with "Spiritus Contra Spiritum".
                   (NW 9, PIO 381-386)


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BW-FH           Bill W by Francis Hartigan (hard cover)
BW-40            Bill W My First 40 Years, autobiography (hard cover)
CH                  Children of the Healer, Bob Smith and Sue Smith Windows by Christine Brewer (soft cover)
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www                Internet Sources (e.g. Google, Microsoft Encarta, US National Archives & Records Admin. NARA, etc.)

Page numbers follow the source reference: e.g.:        PIO 111, 113 = Pass It On pages 111 and 113.

AA           Alcoholics Anonymous         GSB        General Service Board
AAWS     AA World Services Inc.         GSC        General Service Conference
AFG        Al-Anon Family Groups        MRA        Moral Re-Armament
BBS        Big Book Story                       OG        Oxford Group

  This Timeline of A.A. History is based on information provided to the
AAHistoryLovers e-group, with local "Hoosier" events added, with references.

 "AA Members seem to have a warm place in their heart for AA history. AA also has a very
strong verbal tradition. Much information is circulated in AA by word of mouth. This has both
its good and difficult sides. How do you know what is fact and what is myth? A great deal of
myth circulates by word of mouth in AA. To help address this, the timeline items in this
paper (history) are cross-referenced to one or more reliable written references. The
references provide both corroboration and sources for further investigation and historical
research." - Arthur S., TX.