I finally got my divorce from John Barleycorn! I
just got sick and tired of him beating me up all the
time. Honestly, I don't know how I ever lived with
him as long as I did. He was making a nervous wreck
of me.

      The doctor told me it would be the nut house or
the grave soon, if I didn't get away from him.
One day, though, a friend of mine (her name is
Conscience) talked me into making a date with a
fellow named Alcoholics Anonymous. It was love at
first sight.

      I applied for a quick divorce, and got it. John
didn't bother me very long; guess he finally realized
I was through with him. He'd better not come
hanging around here much now, for my new husband
will sure take care of him, but good! He is so good to
me, always ready to help and he is so understanding.

      R. K.        Muncie, Indiana
She's Glad to Be Free!

From  the  March  1948,  GRAPEVINE                Volume 4 Issue 10