May 1947 Grapevine
Grapevine report: Visitors are invited to attend the 9 A.M.
Sunday breakfast of the Indianapolis A.A. Groups held in the
St. Clair Room of the Antlers Hotel. A change was made
recently to this more spacious meeting place which offers a
fancier breakfast and a two-story ceiling for the better
accommodation of the tobacco addicts.
                      May 47, in Clip Sheet column:
                              Franklin, Ind., Star:
       "Dr. Howard W. Stone, in a letter to the editor, says:

Alcoholics Anonymous has invaded Franklin.

      I was a guest at their first meeting in our town. Leaving the
meeting with a feeling that something important had come to
Franklin, Dr. Stone says: Let us analyze A.A. Why has it helped
so many thousands to recover?

                      First, there is spiritual therapy.
                      Second, there is group therapy.
                      Third, there is service therapy.

The alcoholic invokes the power of God to aid him in his illness.

Next, he is with a group of similar individuals who are fighting
the same hard battle.

And, finally, each A.A. is a missionary. He will go out at any
time of the day or night to carry his story to another sick
alcoholic. No one can talk to another alcoholic with such
sympathetic understanding as a fellow alcoholic.
May 47, in New Groups column:
INDIANA--Indiana State Prison.