January 3, 1947
Muncie Informational Meeting
Copy of Booklets
Muncie has always had it’s share of controversy and from it good has prevailed.
This article from the Muncie Evening Press daily column  titled
“In The Press Of Things” by Charles W. White. Dated: Monday, Jan. 20, 1947.
In The Press Of Things
THE OTHER VISITOR was a drunk. A great, happy,
powerful drunk in communicative mood. His eyes remained bright, and his
voice strong, as he joined the contemplative group.

     "I know you," he said or roared. "I read your column. Sure, I know
you. Known you all my life, but you don't know me..."

     That was rather hard to answer, but we agreed, generally.

     "I'm a good guy, though," he said. "I ain't no punk, am I? Why, I
know everybody in town. Belong to Alcoholics, Anonymous, too. They was
going to have you to come down and make a speech. Why wasn't you
there, anyway? This is the first time I been drunk since July the
fifteenth, what do you think of that? And after I leave here I'm going
home and I ain't going to drink any more, either."

     This continued through another half hour and a few beers, during
which the visitor touched upon many subjects. We grew to like him,
understanding the mood he was in, and wondered if he really would go
home, and quit. Pretty soon he declared again that he was going home, and
this time he got up, shook hands with all concerned, and sure enough he

     We figured out where he lived, how far it would be.

     It was about 9:00 p.m., and according to the consensus of our figures,
there were about eight bars between his point of departure and his point
of destination. He was well able to stand up and walk; to walk fast, even.

     Did he make it?

     A better human being would have gone along to see.
       Mr White wrote for the Muncie Evening Press. His columns stated little
tid - bits of the local communities; this was on the Editorial page of the paper.

     A local A.A. member responded to this article with, a Letter To The
Editor, on Feb. 5, 1947.

     (See that next month)