Significant August Dates in A.A. History
Aug 1934       - Rowland H and Cebra G. persuaded court to parole Ebby T. to their custody.
                       RAA 151, AACOA VII, NW 20-21, 26, EBBY 52-59, NG 9-10, PIO 115,
                        AGAA 155-156)
Aug 1937       - Bill and Lois stopped attending Oxford Group meetings. (LR 197,
                       AACOA VII, 74-76)
Aug 1939       - Dr. Bob and Sister Ignatia (in charge of admissions) started working together
                       at St. Thomas Hospital in Akron, Ohio. (AACOA VIII, SI 15-19, NG 79-80,
                       DBGO 187-188)
Aug 1946       -
Grapevine reports article “Therapy for Drunks With a Follow-up.” (Gv)
Aug 1947       - Grapevine reports on Indiana progress. New Groups column:
                      INDIANA - East Chicago; Broad Ripple Group, East Side Group,
                      Home Group, Hub Group, North Side Group, Speedway Group,
                      South Side Group, all Indianapolis. (Gv)
Aug 1981       - Distribution of Alcoholics Anonymous passes 3 million. (AACOA XI, NG 267)
Aug 1, 1943   - Washington Times-Herald (DC) reports on AA clubhouse,
                      to protect anonymity withholds address. (www)
Aug 8, 1879   - Dr. Bob born in St. Johnsbury, VT. (DBGO 9, 12, 14, CH 2, NG 29-30)
Aug 9, 1943   - LA groups announce 1000 members in 11 groups. (GSO-AC)
Aug 11, 1938 - Akron & NY members begin writing stories for Big Book. (GSO-AC, NG 74-75,
                       333, HIW 108-109)
Aug 14, 1949 – The American Weekly article,
“Help For Alcoholics”. (GSO-AC, Hoosiers)
Aug 15, 1890 - E M Jellinek is born, author of "The Disease Concept
                     of Alcoholism" and the "Jellinek Curve". (GB 171)
Aug 16, 1939 - Dr Bob and Sister Ignatia admit 1st alcoholic Thomas Hospital, Akron, Ohio.
                       AACOA viii, SI 15-19, NG 79-80 DBGO 187-188)
Aug 18, 1988 - 1st Canadian National AA Convention in Halifax, Nova Scotia. (GSO-AC)
Aug 19, 1941 - 1st AA Meeting in Colorado is held in Denver. (GSO-AC)
Aug 25, 1943 - AA group donates Big Book to public library in Quincy, MA. (GSO-AC)
Aug 26, 1941 - Bill writes Dr Bob to tell him Works Publishing has been incorporated.
Aug 27, 1955 -
Saturday Review article: "The Big Book": Bible For Alcoholics (www)
Aug 28, 1954 - "24 Hours a Day" is published by Richmond W. (www)
Aug 28, 1989 -
Newsweek article: Very Personal Computing, Alcoholics log on. (www)
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Page numbers follow the source reference: e.g.:        PIO 111, 113 = Pass It On pages 111 and 113.

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