Feb 1908 - Bill made boomerang his grandfather Fayette challenged him to make and
              perceived himself as a “Number One Man.” (BW-RT 33-35)
(Eddie H. - “What do you call a boomerang that does not come back?"  "A Stick")  
Feb 1916 - Hazing incident Norwich University, Bill & sophomore class suspended.
              (PIO 49, BW-RT 87)
Feb 1933 - Congress passed the 21st amendment to the US Constitution to repeal the
              18th amendment. (www)
Feb 1938 - Rockefeller gives $5,000 to AA. - Saves AA from professionalism.
              (BW-FH 105-106, LOH 61, 143) (SM S3, BW-RT 246, LR 197, DBGO 128-135,
               PIO 185-187, AGAA 217, 258)  
Feb 1939 - Dr Howard of Montclair, N.J., suggests swapping "you musts" for "we ought"
               in the Big Book. (AACOA 164-168, BW-FH 126, NG 66-67, PIO 203)
Feb 1940 - 1st AA clubhouse opens at 334-1/2 West 24th Street, NYC. (LR 197, AACOA viii,
              180-181, 187, BW-RT 272-273, PIO 238-239, GB 64, LOH 147)
Feb 1947 – Grapevine, reports of Public Welfare in Indiana article,
 "Some Aspects of A.A.", Informational Meeting in Muncie. (GV)
Feb 1951 - Fortune magazine article about AA. New York reprints in pamphlet form
               for many years. (www)
Feb 1963 - Grapevine article
"Alcoholism--a Medical Bombshell", by Indianapolis Hoosier,
                 Dr. Donald 'Doc' B. (GV)
Feb 1963 - Harpers carries article critical of AA. (www)
Feb 1981 - 1st issue of "Markings" AA Archives Newsletter is published. (GSO-AC)
Feb 1942 - Ruth Hock, AA's 1st paid secretary, resigns to get married. (AACOA 16, 195-16,
                GTBT 168, PIO 304, LOH 152 says 1941)
Feb 2, 1954 - Bill W declined an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Yale U. (LOH 205,
                   GB 69, BW-FH 201)                 
Feb  3,  1972 -  Anderson Herald, Alcoholic, Compelled To Drink, Loses
                     Freedom Of Choice article.
Feb 5, 1947 –  Muncie Evening Press, Letter to the Editor
Feb 8, 1940 -   Rockefeller dinner. (www) (LR 197, BW-RT 264-267, AACOA viii, 182-187
                    NG 92-94, BW-FH 109-112, PIO 232-235)
Feb 8, 1940 -   Houston Press ran first of 6 anonymous articles on AA by Larry J.
                    (AACOA 24, DBGO 259, LR 198)
Feb 9, 1947 – Anderson Public Meeting, at Judge Harold Achor’s
                    Superior Court Room.
Feb 9, 2002 -   Sue Smith Windows, Dr Bob's daughter died. (www)
Feb 11, 1937 - First New Jersey meeting was held at the home of Hank P.
                   ("The Unbeliever" in the first edition). Some sources
                    report this as happening Feb 13, 1937. (www)
Feb 11, 1938 - Clarence S. (
"Home Brewmeister" 1st- 3rd edition) sobriety date. (HIW 54)
Feb 14, 1971 - AA groups worldwide hold memorial service for Bill W. (GSO-AC)
Feb 14, 2007 -
Nell Wing, Bill’s secretary dies. (www)
Feb 15, 1918 - Sue Smith Windows, Dr. Bob's adopted daughter, was born. (CH 11,
                     PIO 140)
Feb 15, 1941 - Baltimore Sunday Sun reported that the city's first group, begun in
                   June 1940, had grown from 3 to 40 members. (GSO-AC)
Feb 18, 1943 - During gas rationing in WWII, AA's are granted the right to use cars for
                   12th step work in emergency cases. (www)
Feb 19, 1967 - Father "John Doe" (Ralph P), 1st Catholic Priest in AA dies. (www)
Feb 20, 1941 - The Toledo Blade published first of three article on AA by Seymour R. (www)
Feb 23, 1959 - AA granted "Recording for the Blind" permission to tape the Big Book. (www)
Feb 28, 1940 - First organization meeting of Philadelphia AA was held at McCready H.'s
                    room at 2209 Delancy Street. (GSO-AC)


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Page numbers follow the source reference: e.g.:        PIO 111, 113 = Pass It On pages 111 and 113.

AA           Alcoholics Anonymous         GSB        General Service Board
AAWS     AA World Services Inc.         GSC        General Service Conference
AFG        Al-Anon Family Groups        MRA        Moral Re-Armament
BBS        Big Book Story                       OG        Oxford Group

    This Timeline of A.A. History is based on information provided to the
AAHistoryLovers e-group, with local "Hoosier" events added, with references.

    "AA Members seem to have a warm place in their heart for AA history. AA also has a very
strong verbal tradition. Much information is circulated in AA by word of mouth. This has both
its good and difficult sides. How do you know what is fact and what is myth? A great deal of
myth circulates by word of mouth in AA. To help address this, the timeline items in this
paper (history) are cross-referenced to one or more reliable written references. The
references provide both corroboration and sources for further investigation and historical
research." - Arthur S., TX.
Significant February Dates in A.A. History