Significant July Dates in A.A. History
July 1939        - Warren C. joined A.A. Cleveland, caused debate because he was not
                    hospitalized. (DBGO pg. 102)
July 1944        - Dr. Bob writes article for Grapevine
"On Cultivating Tolerance".
July 1946        -
Grapevine reports: The Indianapolis Group now numbers about 275
                   members. There are five sectional groups: Broad Ripple (bi-partitioned this
                   spring because of luxuriant growth), East Side, West Side, Women's Group
                   and the Meyerson Group. The present arrangement provides a meeting by
                   one of the sub-groups every night in the week.
July 1947        -
Grapevine reports article: "Do You Like Alky?" from J.B. Muncie, Indiana.
July 1948        -
Grapevine reports: Indianapolis A.A.s Open Club.
July 1949        -
Grapevine reports: Mail Call for A.A.s at Home and Abroad from R.H. from
                    Richmond, Indiana.
July 1962        - 'Victor E' cartoon first appeared in Grapevine. (some say May 1962).
July 1-3, 1960 - 25th Anniversary of AA in Long Beach, CA.
July 2-3, 1955 - 20th Anniversary Convention at St. Louis, MO. The Three Legacies, of
                    Recovery, Unity, and Servive, turned over to the movement by the old
                    timers. AA comes of Age.
July 2, 1965    - "Best of Bill" and Pocket-Sized "12 and 12" 1st sold.
July 2, 1965    - 1st "La Vigne", Canadian Grapevine, published.
July 2-4, 1965 - 30th Anniversary of AA in Toronto. Adopted "I Am Responsible."
July 2, 1993    - 50 years of AA celebrated in Canada.
July 2, 2000    - 20 millionth copy of Big Book given to Al-Anon in Minneapolis, MN.
July 3-5, 1970 - 35th Anniversary of AA in Miami. "Declaration of Unity". Bill's last
                    public appearance.
July 3-6, 1980 - 45th Anniversary of AA in New Orleans. First true marathon
                    meeting was held.
July 4, 1939    - 1st AA meeting started in Flatbush, NY. (www)
July 4-6, 1975 - 40th Anniversary of AA in Denver. Worlds largest coffee server serves
                    1/2 million cups a day.
July 5-7, 1985 - 50th AA Anniversary in Montreal, Canada. Ruth Hock given
                    5,000,000th Big Book. House of Seagrams flew their flags at half mast
                    for 3 days.
July 5-8, 1990 - 55th AA Anniversary in Seattle, WA. Nell Wing given
                   10,000,000th Big Book.
July 7, 1940    - Bill attends 1st Summer Session at School of Alcohol Studies
                    at Yale University. (www)
July 8, 1940    - 1st AA Group formed in Dayton, Ohio. (GSO Archives)
July 10, 1941  - Texas newspaper publishes anonymous letter from founding member of
                    Texas AA Group. (Larry J) (www)
July 11, 1960  - Time published article called
"Passionately Anonymous" on the
                    25th Convention.
July 14, 1939  - Dr Tiebout gives Big Book to Marty M., who promptly throws it back at him.
July 14, 1979 -  Dr. Ernest Kurtz publishes NOT-GOD, History of AA. (www)
July 15, 1938  - 1st documented use name Alcoholics Anonymous, A.A. Archives letter
                    Bill to Willard Richardson. (www)
July 18, 1965  - Frank Amos, AA Non-Alcoholic Trustee, dies. In Chesterfield, IN. (Local)
July 18, 1938  - in letter to Dr. Richards at Johns Hopkins, Bill used Alcoholics
                   Anonymous as working title for Big Book & name for the fellowship.
July 18, 1976  - Indy Star Mag. articles “Hope For The Alcoholic”. This was a excerpt
                   of the book "The Booze Battle", by Ruth Maxwell. Also, has a story by
                   Susan Lennis, "Help For Indiana's Problem Drinkers."  (Local Papers)
July 20, 1941  - First AA group formed in Seattle, Washington. (www)
July 22, 1877  - Willian Duncan Silkworth born in Brooklyn, NY. (www)
July 22, 1980  -
Marty M. early AA woman and founder of NCADD dies. (www)
July 23, 1940  - Philly AA's send 10% of kitty to Alcoholic Foundation, sets precedent. (www)
July 23, 1943  - New Haven CT Register reports arrival of AA's to study with E M Jellinek.
July 24, 1943  - L.A. press reports formation of all-Mexican AA Group. (www)
July 27, 1972  -
UAW – GM, plan alcoholic aid program reported in the Delco Sparks. (Local)
July 28-30, 1950 - First AA International Convention held in Cleveland, Ohio. Twelve
                    Traditions adopted. Dr. Bob made last appearance at large AA gathering.
July 29, 1941  -
The Day In Indiana article of the Muncie Star,
                   report on Alcoholics Anonymous (Local Paper)
July 31, 1972  - Rollie H dies sober in Washington DC. (www)
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