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A mirror of info. from the public Yahoo group, AAHistoryLovers, intended for anyone interested in the history of Alcoholics Anonymous. -Not limited to members of AA and anonymity at public level need apply.

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32 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 14 --What happened to your sponsor, Ebby? NMOlson@a... moyerolson Fri  4/5/2002
33 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 15 -- Could you describe your spiritual experi NMOlson@a... moyerolson Fri  4/5/2002
34 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 16 -- How did you approach alcoholics ...? NMOlson@a... moyerolson Fri  4/5/2002
35 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 17 -- Could you tell us about the early days . NMOlson@a... moyerolson Fri  4/5/2002
36 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 18 -- Could you tell us more about Dr. Bob? NMOlson@a... moyerolson Fri  4/5/2002
37 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 19 -- What did A.A. learn from the Oxford Group NMOlson@a... moyerolson Fri  4/5/2002
38 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 20 -- How did you meet A.A. No.3, Bill Dotson? NMOlson@a... moyerolson Fri  4/5/2002
39 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 21 -- What led to the decision to write the boo NMOlson@a... moyerolson Fri  4/5/2002
40 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 22 -- Was the writing of the Big Book a difficu NMOlson@a... moyerolson Fri  4/5/2002
41 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 23 -- How did the Twelve Steps get written? NMOlson@a... moyerolson Fri  4/5/2002
42 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 24 -- How did you meet Father Ed Dowling? NMOlson@a... moyerolson Fri  4/5/2002
43 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 25 --Are the 12 Steps similar to the Spiritual NMOlson@a... moyerolson Fri  4/5/2002
44 "Let's Ask Bill," No. 26 -- How do medicine and religion differ ...? NMOlson@a... moyerolson Sat  4/6/2002
45 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 27 -- What about those who cannot possibly beli NMOlson@a... moyerolson Sat  4/6/2002
46 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 28 -- Why do clergymen so often fail with alcoh NMOlson@a... moyerolson Sat  4/6/2002
47 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 29 -- What can ministers do to cooperate with A NMOlson@a... moyerolson Sat  4/6/2002
48 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 30 -- What is AA's relationship with the commun NMOlson@a... moyerolson Sat  4/6/2002
49 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 31 -- How did the connection with the Rockefell NMOlson@a... moyerolson Sat  4/6/2002
50 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 32 -- What led to the Twelve Traditions? NMOlson@a... moyerolson Sat  4/6/2002
51 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 34 -- Have the Traditions been widely accepted? NMOlson@a... moyerolson Sat  4/6/2002
52 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 33 -- What are the ideas embodied in the Twelve NMOlson@a... moyerolson Sat  4/6/2002
53 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 35 -- Why the General Service Conference? NMOlson@a... moyerolson Sat  4/6/2002
54 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 36 -- What will the General Service Conference NMOlson@a... moyerolson Sat  4/6/2002
55 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 37 --How will the General Service Conference be NMOlson@a... moyerolson Sat  4/6/2002
56 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 38 -- Why shouldn't the GSC be a government for NMOlson@a... moyerolson Sat  4/6/2002
57 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 39 -- Could you explain A.A's tradition re oth NMOlson@a... moyerolson Sat  4/6/2002
58 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 40 -- What do the Three Legacies of AA represen NMOlson@a... moyerolson Sat  4/6/2002
59 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 41 -- How many drug addicts are there in A.A.? NMOlson@a... moyerolson Sat  4/6/2002
60 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 42 -- If an alcoholic comes drunk, what do you NMOlson@a... moyerolson Sat  4/6/2002
61 "Let's Ask Bill" No. 43 -- What purposes do the Twelve Concepts serv NMOlson@a... moyerolson Sat  4/6/2002
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