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Maintained by the General Service Office of India. Clickable map for meeting information. Bulletin board. AA information.
Meeting list and contact numbers.
Indonesia (Greater Jakarta)
Meetings in Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, and Bekasi.
Japan -- Tokyo and Other Locales
Meeting lists and help with finding English-language AA meetings in Japan (including Okinawa). Also includes information for the Tokyo English Language Intergroup.
Java (Solo)
Meetings in Solo, Central Java.
Maintained by the AA Intergroup-Korea. Meetings throughout the country (most on military installations), minutes, daily readings.
Maintained by the General Service Office (India). Meetings and contact information for Kuala Lampur and Penang.
On the AA India web site. English-language meetings in Nepal.
Meetings in Pakistan. On the General Service Office (India) web site.
AA meetings in the Philippines. On the General Service Office (India) web site.

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