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Alcoholics Anonymous
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German Court Date Delayed

This article is written by nationally recognized historian and oft-quoted Alcoholics Anonymous archivist Mitchell K.

The latest news in the case of a German A.A. member being sued for printing and distributing free Alcoholics Anonymous literature, is an attorney for the GSO in Germany (AAeV) in Frankfurt wrote to the court requesting a postponment due to illness. He stated he needed a vacation to recouperate.

There has also been some action on the part of German Delegates for their General Service Conference, via urgent requests, to postpone the trial until after the conference (which is held in April). The delegates wanted to be able to vote upon whether or not litigation was in violation of the 5th Warranty of the 12th Concept for World Service.

The new trial date has been set for May 28, 1998. That is, unless the German General Service Conference Delegates vote that litigation is a violation due to public controversy and personally punitive actions against an AA member.

Similar requests have been made to the US/Canada General Service Conference. All of which have been denied access as an agenda item to the upcoming US/Canada Conference in April.

There were also several "minority opinion" requests made for an agenda item to be placed before the 1998 Conference for a full disclosure of total litigation and legal costs. These too have been met with a denial for these requested agenda items to be placed.

There was another "minority opinion" agenda item proposed relating to a Tradition violation by the Board of Trustees. This violation of Tradition 7 was the fact that the Board of Trustees and AA World Services had accepted an incentive payment of $250,000 from the City of San Diego to host the 1995 World Service Convention. There are also plans to accept as incentive payment, $100,000 from the host city of the year 2000 Convention in MN. These payments by municipalities clearly violate the Tradition which states that AA will not accept outside contribuions.

This "minority opinion" request may or may not be allowed to be placed before the 1998 Conference. This proposal for a vote whether or not to return the $250,000 to San Diego was made by a former Trustee.

AA World Serivces is continuing to accept stories for the proposed 4th Edition of the Big Book. These new stories will replace several of the currently existing ones, including several of the pioneer stories. Who knows, maybe no one will ever be able to refer to page 449 anymore relating to acceptance.

We will keep you updated on any new developments.

More will be revealed…

Mitchell K.

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