History of Alcoholics Anonymous

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Historical writings, documents, letters, events, people, places and references through-out the history of AA

More talks given by Bill W., including those given at General Service Conferences throughout the years:

Basic Concepts Of Alcoholics Anonymous. - N.Y. State Journal Of Medicine, Vol. 44, Aug.,1944

Alcoholics Anonymous in a Postwar Emergency - Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol, Vol. 6, No. 2, Sept. 1945

To The Trustees Of The Alcoholic Foundation -The Alcoholic Foundation of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, April 8, 1947

The Society Of Alcoholics Anonymous - American Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 106, 1949

N.Y. State Journal Of Medicine - Vol. 50, July, 1950

We Come of Age - Cleveland, Ohio, July 28-30, 1950

Your 3rd Legacy - Dr. Bob and Bill W., Oct. 1950

History of A.A. Services - Summary of Bill’s talk at the opening session of the GSC -1951

The Need for G.S.O. -Chicago, Ill., February, 1951

General Service Conference – 1952 - "Remembering A.A.'s Early Friends"

General Service Conference – 1953 - "The Milestones Ahead"

General Service Conference – 1953 - "It’s A Question of Lives That May Be Lost If A.A. Does Not Survive."

General Service Conference – 1954 - "The Great Debate and the Future of A.A."

General Service Conference – 1956 - "Petition, Appeal, Participation and Decision"

National Committee on Alcoholism - Annual Meeting, Hotel Statler, New York City, N.Y. March 30, 1956

General Service Conference – 1957 - "The Need for Authority Equal to Responsibility"

A Suggested Plan for the Reorganization of The AA General Service Board. - December 1957

General Service Conference – 1958 - "Constructive Use of Trouble – Personal and As A Movement"

Alcoholics Anonymous in its 3rd Decade - Presented to the New York City Medical Society on Alcoholism, April 28, 1958

General Service Conference – 1959 - Trust of "Servant" Necessary

General Service Conference – 1959 - "A Question of Prudence"

General Service Conference – 1960 - "On Communication"

Proposal by Bill W.ForTwelve Concepts For World Service - 10th General Service Conference – 1960

National Clergy Conference on Alcoholism - The "Blue Book" Vol.12, 179-210, 1960

Memorendum re:New Delegates - January 1961

General Service Conference – 1961 - "Bill Calls On A.A. To "Look Out Upon Its Destiny" As A Society"

General Service Conference – 1963 - "Responsibility of Leadership"

General Service Conference – 1964 - "Individual Has Responsibilities, Bill Notes"

Closing Comments - GSC 1964

General Service Conference – 1965 - "What Happened to Those Who Left?

General Service Conference – 1965 - "Our Great Responsibility, The Guidance of A.A.’s World Affairs"

Transcript of talk given by Bill W. - Guest House, Lake Orion, Michigan., 1968

More Talks -by Bill W., of various talks throughout the History of Alcoholics Anonymous.

More Talks -articles by Bill W. published in the Grapevine throughout the years.

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