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Historical writings, documents, letters, events, people, places and references through-out the history of A.A.

A.A. members & writings of:

Bill W. -Talks by, and/or pages of William (Bill) G. W., of East Dorset, Vermont.
Lois W. -Cofounder of Al-anon & Bill W.'s wife, talks by and/or of Lois W.
Doctor Bob -Talks by, biogrophy of, and/or pages of Dr. Robert H. S., M.D., of St. Johnsbury, Vermont.
Henry G. (Hank) P. -Biogrophy's about Hank P., of New Jersy.
Clarence S. -Cleveland, Ohio, Biogrophy of, and the book, "How It Worked" by Mitchell K.
Bill D. -Biogrophy of, and/or pages of Bill D., of Akron, Ohio.
Marty Mann -Biogrophy's about Marty and an article titled:An Introduction from Marty Mann.
Ebby Thacher -Articles about Ebby Thacher
Others -Pages by, and/or, of other members of Alcoholics Anonymous.

*Posted with permission from Alcohol Research Documentation, Inc., publisher of the Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol (now the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs []

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