The Confessions of Saint Augustine

Book 6

Chapter I
His mother having followed him to Milan, declares that she will not die before her son shall have embraced the Catholic faith.
Chapter II
She, on the prohibition of Ambrose, abstains from honouring the memory of the Martyrs.
Chapter III
As Ambrose was occupied with business and study, Augustin could seldom consult him concerning the Holy Scriptures.
Chapter IV
He recognises the falsity of his own opinions, and commits to memory the saying of Ambrose.
Chapter V
Faith is the basis of human life; man cannot discover that truth which holy scripture has disclosed.
Chapter VI
On the source and cause of true joy,—the example of the joyous beggar being adduced.
Chapter VII
He leads to reformation his friend Alypius, seized with madness for the Circensian games.
Chapter VIII
The same when at Rome, being led by others into the Amphitheatre, is delighted with the Gladitorial games.
Chapter IX
Innocent Alypius, being apprehended as a thief, is st at liberty by the cleverness of an architecht.
Chapter X
The wonderful integrity of Alypius in judgment. the lasting friendship of Nebridius with Augustin.
Chapter XI
Being troubled by his grievous errors, he meditates entering on a new life.
Chapter XII
Discussion with Alypius concerning a life of celibacy.
Chapter XIII
Being urged by his mother to take a wife, he sought a maiden that was pleasing unto him.
Chapter XIV
The design of establishing a common household with his friends is speedily hindered.
Chapter XV
He dismisses one mistress, and chooses another.
Chapter XVI
The fear of death and judgment called him, believing in the immortality of the soul, back from his wickedness, him who aforetime believed in the opinions of Epicurus.

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