The Confessions of Saint Augustine

Book 9

Chapter I
He praises God, the author of safety, and Jesus Christ, the redeemer, acknowledging his own wickedness.
Chapter II
As his lungs were affected, he meditates withdrawing himself from public favour.
Chapter III
He retires to the villa of his friend Verecundus, who was not yet a Christian, and refers to his conversion and death, as well as that of Nebridius.
Chapter IV
In the country he gives his attention to literature, and explains the Fourth Psalm in connection with the happy conversion of Alypius. He is troubled with toothache.
Chapter V
at the recommendation of Ambrose, he reads the prophecies of Isaiah, but does not understand them.
Chapter VI
He is baptized at Milan with Alypius and his son Adeodatus. the book "De Magistro."
Chapter VII
Of the Church hymns instituted at Milan; of the Ambrosian Persecution raised by Justina; and of the discovery of the bodies of two martyrs.
Chapter VIII
Of the conversion of Evodius, and the death of his mother whin returning with him to Africa; and whose education he tenderly relates.
Chapter IX
He describes the praiseworthy habits of his mother; her kindness towards her husband and her sons.
Chapter X
A conversation he had with his mother concerning the kindom of heaven.
Chapter XI
His mother, attacked by fever, dies at Ostia.
Chapter XII
How he mourned his dead mother.
Chapter XIII
He entreats God for her sins, and admonishes his readers to remember her piously.

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