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Members Only AA Info Directory

Search Engines do not have access to any files posted on this page or any directories therein. The Members Only directory, "aa_info" directory, is a Password Protected Directory.

VERY IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER !!!: Please DO NOT electronically copy any information from The Members Only area. Please DO NOT transmit, copy and/or paste any information from The Members Only area. Please DO NOT redistribute and/or add to other web sites or send by way of email and/or by any other means of reproduction. The Members Only area is STRICTLY FOR MEMBERS ONLY for viewing, learning, doing research, etc... etc... only and should not be used for any other reason! It is absolutely imperative that this page is for YOUR EYES ONLY! Most of the information on this page is stricltly private for you only and the password will change periodically to ensure it being very private. I apologize for any enconvenience this may cause you. Should your USER NAME and PASSWORD fails to work any longer, please request a new one.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation with the above disclaimer,
Yours in service,
Warmest regards,
Jim M.

Please do not give your User Id & Password to anyone. This section of is expected to grow and is exclusive to members only. Membership is by referral based on trust. You, now as a member, can have a friend send a request to be a member of Your participation is encouraged. Any information benificial to the Members Only Area or any other part of for inclusion that you may have is greatly appreciated.

Mirrored Web sites that may be of interest to you.
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  • The Hindsfoot Foundation -A not-for-profit organization founded in 1993 for the publication of materials on the history and theory of alcoholism treatment and the moral and spiritual dimensions of recovery.
    Alcoholics Anonymous history, materials on A.A. history and spirituality, book publisher on alcoholism treatment, addiction, psychology of recovery.

  • 12 Step Workbook -Al Kohallek Goes Stepping. Free Download of Twelve Step Program Workbooks and Workshop Papers.
    CAUTION: This could be hazardous to your old way of life. Use these Workbooks, or any of their contents, at your own risk.

  • A.A. Muncie A.A. History
          The following Timeline of A.A. History is based on information provided to the
    AAHistoryLovers e-group, with local "Hoosier" events added, with references.
          "AA Members seem to have a warm place in their heart for AA history. AA also has a very strong verbal tradition. Much information is circulated in AA by word of mouth. This has both its good and difficult sides. How do you know what is fact and what is myth? A great deal of myth circulates by word of mouth in AA. To help address this, the timeline items in this paper (history) are cross-referenced to one or more reliable written references. The references provide both corroboration and sources for further investigation and historical research." - Arthur S., TX.


AA Presentations

History Related Readings/Aticles

  • A.A. Books and writings in MP3 format - Listen to them now!
    Books & writings include, "A New Pair of Glasses", "A.A. Comes of Age", "Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers", "Pass It On", "The Little Red Book", Ernest Kurtz - "Not God", "Sermon On The Mount" and Charles B Townes - "Habits That Handicap." 

  • A Brief History of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous
    Northeast Texas Area 65 (NETA) Archives. Extracts from the reference sources are printed with permission of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services Inc. and The AA Grapevine Inc. for use within the AA Fellowship only.
    -Arthur S.

  • A Narrative Timeline of AA History -Version as of August 2009 (Work in progress) Confidential - not to be distributed or republished to the general public - an updated version from his 2004 version for AA Members Only - Contains Member’s Last Names - (pdf) 417 KB -An ongoing works by Arthur S. *Please do not copy this file and distribute it. It is for your personal use only as an AA member.

  • 'Diary of Two Motorcycle Hobos' *
    A Diary by Lois Wilson — Bill and Lois — their journey up and down the east coast of the United States, from Thursday, April 16, 1925 to Monday, April 12, 1927 - Wilson, Lois, Copyright © Ellie van V., 1998 All rights reserved. No part of this work covered by the copyright hereon may be reproduced or used in any form or by any means. All Copyright, Publisher, Printing, as well as contact information, is included in this Read me text file. (Please be sure to read the _Read me.txt file first before openning: diary_index.html)
          * The Stepping Stones Foundation in New York now own the Copyrights to the "Diary of Two Motorcycle Hobos". No portion of these files may be reproduced or copied in any way. Diary of Two Motorcycle Hobos made available here for research and historical purposes only.

  • Theatre, Culture and Temperance Reform in Nineteenth-Century America, by John W. Frick - University of Virginia

  • The Combined Addiction Disease Chronologies of William White, MA, Ernest Kurtz, PhD, and Caroline Acker, PhD - 5Th BC to 2001

  • MANUSCRIPT Of A.A. WORLD HISTORY 1985 Contents - This document is the first draft of the in-depth history of Alcoholics Anonymous as prepared by Bob Pearson. The manuscript was rejected by the Trustees’ Literature Committee and was not published.

  • The "Final Conference Reports" from 1951 to 2002

  • Manuscript in the making, "We Began to Count Noses". Version of the 4th Chapter of the manuscript authored by just" Another Layman with a Notebook"
    Your comments can be relayed via myself in which I will contact the author with your comments.
    -Made available here with his permission.

    • Also including this rare item, "The Amos List, 1938" - Dr. Bob's hand written list that was attached to the 1938 Amos Report sent to John D. Rockefeller - sent to me by just another Layman with a Notebook. (pdf) -Made available here with his permission.

Conference Agenda's, Legal, Letters, Misc [pdf & doc]

Other AA Information / Readings


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